July 2015 - Axis Staff Testimonials


"The people, the variety of technical projects, the office location and flexible hours make Axis a great company to work for, with none of the corporate baggage/bureaucracy that inevitably comes with large outfits. Axis offers opportunities for senior personnel who have a desire to remain in a technical role." Principal Geophysicist

"I like working on different projects for different clients so the opportunity to work for a truly independent consultancy was too good to miss. I work with great people in a relaxed working environment and I enjoy my job, which, for me, is the most important thing!" Senior Reservoir Engineer

"For me one of the things I enjoy most about working for Axis is the responsibility and trust you are given to deliver a project to the client from “Concept to Completion”. It is also very encouraging to know, that by drawing on the vast amount of experience available within the company, an answer can be quickly found to almost any problem. Working within a highly motivated workforce suits my nature and I am still pleasantly surprised, that seemingly impossible deadlines can be met when we all pull together to deliver on time." Well Operations Assistant Team Leader

"I am given responsibility yet have support available when I need it and a strong culture of cross discipline interaction. A great benefit of Axis being a consultancy is that it allows me to work on many different types of projects - which is excellent for me to grow my skills base." Reservoir Engineer

"Through Axis I have developed greatly as a professional engineer. The project exposure and operations I have been involved with have at times been intense, but always thoroughly engaging and rewarding. In my opinion, the best part is working for a company of like-minded and highly experienced individuals who are willing to freely and openly share their experience and knowledge. The bacon rolls on Fridays are also pretty good." Well Operations Engineer

"I've been given opportunities to get involved in a wide range of technical studies and learn new skills in a very short time frame. Busy environment and friendly team atmosphere inspire professional growth. Every Monday I look forward to a new challenge!" Production Technologist

"Axis invests in its people and recognises them as its most valuable asset. The diverse nature of work allows me to deal with a lot of challenges and scope for professional development. I have received excellent training and I am enjoying the responsibility of running my own projects." Petroleum Engineer

"I was welcomed into the company in an extremely supportive manner. My observation is that the staff are happy & motivated which in turn provides a positive enjoyable environment to work in which is refreshing. The knowledge & experience within the company is vast and everyone is willing to share this which in turn assists with delivering a quality service to the clients. The company is consistently growing therefore this will open a variety of job opportunities in the future." Well Operations Engineer

"I really enjoy the exposure I get to the many different types of operations Axis are involved with. Since joining the company, I have learned lots of different methods and skills through training and from the hugely experienced people I work alongside, on a daily basis. The balance between having responsibility on projects and also knowing there is always support available, is also something that really impresses me." Well Operations Engineer

"Enjoying work for me is all about variety, I have been employed by Axis for a relatively short period of time, yet have been involved in several projects with a wide range of technical subject matter. The opportunities for learning and developing as a professional person are fantastic. The support network within the company provides all employees with very good technical, logistical, HSE and training support. The wide range of knowledge and experience within the various departments is astounding and everyone is willing to share their knowledge with one another. People are the foundations of any business and because of this, Axis has a very strong basis on which to build and grow. A healthy work life balance is encouraged and supported by the Management team which shows to me that all staff are appreciated and valued." Well Operations Engineer