ICP Services (Independent Competent Persons)

In line with the current UK Offshore Installations Safety Case Regulations 2005, Axis Well Technology has been appointed as an ICP by three major international Drilling Companies with extensive fleets of MODU's.

Our Compliance Engineers complete detailed onshore and offshore ICP reviews of Well Test, Well Intervention and Temporary Mobile equipment on behalf of the Duty Holders along with Risk Assessments and HAZOP facilitation. Axis ICP services provide assurance and peace of mind to customers that complex systems being installed on their installations are safe and compliant with all current codes, standards and legislative requirements in line with best practice ALARP principles.

Axis aim is to assist and add value by providing:

  • Technical expertise on subject matter – ensuring systems are fit for purpose (Design, Philosophy, Interfaces, Safety Systems, ESD, Relief & Vent Systems, Zoning)
  • A complete 24/7 technical competent service
  • Value adding assurance through upfront engineering, project planning meetings and detailed input to our clients
  • Experienced staff in all aspects of Well Operations; onshore & offshore
  • Compilation of Technical Standards / Performance Standards, reviews of appropriate sections of WSV
  • Knowledge Transfer from Axis to Rig Personnel
  • Assistance to Rig Owners / Dutyholders in addressing and satisfactorily closing any raised issues
  • A completely independent ICP Service
  • Concise & detailed ICP reports, both onshore phase & offshore phase
  • UK and International
  • Accredited to ISO9001 – 2008